Artur Restaurant Bangkok - Affordable Excellence

Fine dining venue's ethos of changing the menu regularly means every visit is a refreshing one

By now Artur has become a favorite fixture for diners looking for sophistication or in the word of Artur Kluczewski himself, an "affordable excellence." A fine mix of classy gourmet experience and friendly, savvy groupings of the menu has created a restaurant of genuine satisfaction in the setting of Soi Tonson.

"In my opinion," Artur said, "I consider the restaurant as a whole experience and the perfect venue will be one where all five key elements culinary and beverage offers, service, design, atmosphere and value come together. What I try to do is juxtapose and balance them at the same level."

Recently Artur, a Frenchman who has been working in Michelin-starred restaurants since 1975 and who was credited with opening the successful steakhouses at JW Marriot and Millennium Hilton, has got more than a little help from chef Raphael Kinimo, a wiry, big-smiling Frenchman of Ivorian descent who's also a skilled muay Thai fighter. The class, craft and culinary refinement are by now a given; then the ethos of changing the menu regularly plus the clever, creative grouping of dishes into various set menus of varying price ranges and occasions also means every visit to Artur is a refreshing one.
Artur's strategy of having both a big a la carte menu as well as a list of ever-changing, thematic formule should work well with Bangkok diners looking for variety. His 1,390-baht "Gourmet Dinner", with the choice of French oysters, seafood riso pasta and evential of prime Australian fillet mignon, for example, is a very good bargain. The 290-baht business lunch (soup, quiche, Aussie beefburger, etc) and the 490-baht "Executive Lunch" (tartare of tuna, seafood pastas, coq au vin, etc) are smart, practical and good value. Starting Dec 1, Artur will offer a festive season menu with both a la carte specialities and a 1,690-baht set again with the choice of various delectable creations.
Not to mention a whole range of beef and steak, from Kobe to Australian and American Angus. Then the staggering wine list of 250 international labels completes the testament of dedication the man has proudly shown. Artur beamed when he held forth and expounded his idea of his namesake.
"Of course in the restaurant bearing the name of the owner who actively participates in the operation, he is the main key," says Artur. "In my case I consider that my presence and personal attention to every detail are the label of quality and good intentions. Many of our dishes are even served using the metal and wooden wear utensils and furniture which I designed especially for my restaurant."

Open daily for lunch 11:30 - 14:00 Dinner 18:00 - 22:00
No.9 Soi Tonson, Ploenchit Road, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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