Suvarnabhumi Named 5th Best Airport in Asia's Largest Cities

Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok was ranked fifth in a list of Asia’s best airports, according to an Agoda.com customer survey released recently.

Travellers were asked to rate 15 airports in Asia – Bangkok, Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, New Delhi, Phnom Penh, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Vientiane and Yangon. The rating, on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), was based on more than 11,000 respondents.

Suvarnabhumi won a score of 3.79, trailing Singapore’s Changi International Airport (4.37), Hong Kong International Airport (4.13), Seoul Incheon International Airport (4.01) and Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (4).

In fifth spot, Suvarnabhumi Airport handled 48 million passengers in 2012 after opening in 2006. As one of the most centrally located airports in Asia, it is a major transit and cargo hub and, interestingly, has the tallest control tower of any airport in the world.

Changi Airport came in first. Known for its hyper-efficiency and consistent investments in improvements and upgrades, it features in the top three of nearly every airport ranking in the world. Last year, Changi handled 51 million passengers. 

Second spot with a rating of 4.13 went to Hong Kong International Airport, which, similar to Changi, usually places very high on any ranking thanks to its convenient transit links and high-technology design on a huge chunk of reclaimed land in the South China Sea. Last year Hong Kong Airport handled 56 million passengers.

Rounding out the top three is Seoul's Incheon International Airport, which handled 39 million passengers last year. Interestingly, the airport holds a record that is now unbreakable - it was named the Best Airport Worldwide by the Airports Council International for a record seven years (2005-2011), and the award was discontinued after its final win. 

Top 10 Airport Rankings in Asia's Largest Cities 

1. Changi International Airport 4.37
2. Hong Kong International Airport 4.13
3. Seoul Incheon International Airport 4.01
4. Indira Gandhi International Airport 4.00
5. Suvarnabhumi Airport 3.79
6. Narita International Airport 3.69
7. Kuala Lumpur International Airport 3.56
8. Beijing Capital International Airport 3.48
9. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 3.38
10. Phnom Penh International Airport 3.14

cr: www.nationmultimedia.com

Images of Suvarnabhumi Airport:

Have you visited any of these airports and what do you think? :)


5 Unique Travel Experiences in Bangkok...

Traveling in Bangkok city is not just about temples, palaces, and shopping malls. There are many more fun and exciting activities to do here in the City of Angel. Why not give it a try the next time you are in Bangkok?

Discover the secret “Lung of Bangkok”

Bang Kra Chao, an oasis in Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan is known for its green scenery. Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, just opposite the Klong Toey business district, Bang Kra Chao is a world apart from chaotic Bangkok. The change in air and scenery from Klong Toey is immediate and astounding, and catches one by surprise. No high-rises, no cars and no pollution!

Bang Kra Chao, one of the best places for cyclists and known to foreign travelers, is virtually unknown among Thais. For Thai tourists, the Bang Nam Pueng Floating Market in Bang Nam Pueng, is more popular because of the various local fruits and vegetables on sale.

However, the 17 year-old, 200-rai Si Nakhon Keun Kan Park, locally known as Suan Klang Central Park, remains an unmissable destination. It has been affectionately called the city’s lung and has a reputation as the last green belt in this concrete metropolis.

Fishing a 100kg Siamese Carp in Bangkok, Why not?

Who would have thought? That right here in Bangkok, Bung Sam Ran Lake Fishing sits one of the world’s most prolific freshwater fishing venues. Lurking beneath the murky depths are the world’s largest freshwater species – the Mekong giant catfish, the giant Siamese carp & the arapaima all of which grow in excess of 100kg (220lb) at Bungsamran. In June 2007 the world's biggest carp ever caught on rod & line was landed estimated to weigh 120kg (264lb). Bangkok is The City of Angels for tourists, but for fisherman it is The City of Giants!

This fishing venue’s whereabouts seems to be Bangkok’s best kept secret, mostly only known by Thai locals. Bangkok is undoubtedly a huge maze of roads, streets & canals networking amongst the diversity of modern offices, wooden houses, ancient temples, markets, street vendors, Thai communities and so much more. Yet this 20 acre lake converted from a swamp 18 years ago, now full of amazing natural beauty and serenity, somehow doesn’t seem out of place.

Certainly the reaction from every single fisherman & non-fisherman alike is firstly skepticism that a lake so peaceful could exist in Bangkok – and even more surprised that the fishing in Bangkok at Bungsamran produces so many enormous fish. The tranquil & idyllic setting of Bungsamran is situated in the suburban outskirts of Bangkok only 40 minutes from the fast moving city centre. Bungsamran boasts numerous IGFA world records, making it one of the best still water venues in the world.

Play “Escape Hunt” in Bangkok

For many years online “escape games” have been a popular genre for gaming enthusiasts. These games soon became real-life rooms and the wave of popularity swept across the US and Europe to a point where there are now escape game rooms everywhere from San Francisco to London, Hong Kong to Barcelona.  Such is the rising popularity of this entertainment concept that the game centre in London is ranked as number 1 from over 900 Things To Do in London on TripAdvisor with award winning success.

Escape Hunt takes this idea to a new and unique level integrating the concept of escape game rooms with the exciting adventure theme of detectives solving a murder mystery.  As Bangkok and South East Asia’s first escape game, Escape Hunt is a unique and versatile attraction.  Aimed to appeal to Western and Asian minds, young and old, tourists and locals, teams of between 2 and 5 people need to escape from a themed room with the help of a dedicated “game master” who watches from outside over CCTV and assists as required.

Playing the part of Shylock or Charlotte Barnes and their team of detectives, the group will be transported back 100 years to early 20th century Bangkok. Facing their most challenging murder mystery, the only way to escape from the room is to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles before the clock stops after 60 minutes.  There are 4 different rooms split into Chinese and English story lines but all share the same opulent Bangkok setting on the Chao Phraya River, ghosts and mystery.  All games last a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes including the briefing and de-briefing and can be run in English, Thai, Japanese or Chinese using state-of-the-art IT system and multi-lingual staff.

Learn to fly a Boeing 737 in Bangkok

Bangkok's new flight simulator lets wannabe pilots feel what it's like to take off and land one of the world's most popular passenger aircraft.

Ever wondered why being a commercial airline pilot is one of the most stressful jobs in the world? Try landing a Boeing 737-800 on a simulator at Bangkok’s new Flight Experience Center. Guest "pilots" can feel with 85 percent accuracy what it’s like to takeoff, fly and land the famed passenger aircraft. The realism is chilling, thrilling and mildly unnerving.

Don't worry about forgetting anything; the flight instructor is right next to you in the co-pilot seat. To really get into character, turn on the mic and bust out some pilot lingo: "Cabin crew, please be seated for takeoff." 

Flight Experience packages start from 4,350 baht (US$140) for a 30-minute "Scenic Experience." For serious fliers there's the 9,350 baht, 90-minute "Ultimate Experience," which includes a flight in and out of your airport of choice, followed by a more challenging city-to-city section. 

Fun-tas-tic Way to Explore the City

Bangkok is one of the unique beautiful cities. Now you can discover Bangkok and beyond in the way that you’ve never seen before by gliding on Segway Personal Transporter (PT) - the world’s first electrical self-balancing personal transporter.

By using the Segway PT to visit Bangkok, you are not only having fun, but also helping protect our monuments and buildings caused by pollution, since it's not only safe and easy to use, but also electrical.

Having Segway PT in Bangkok is perfect way of bringing together the marvelous culture of Thailand with the fascinating experience of traveling using one of the most impressive developments in transportation technology. With the Segway PT you can see twice as much in half the time. The Segway PT intuitively and automatically balances the way humans do - moving forward and backwards, responding to movements in your body's position. Gliding a Segway PT is as easy as walking and more fun as if you were sitting on the magic carpet.


Find Your Ideal Expat Home in Bangkok

You’ve landed your dream job, now all you need to is track down the perfect home. But don’t worry, finding the right condo, apartment or house in the capital is a fairly simple process...

Moving to Bangkok to take up a new job is a challenging experience and one of the most important tasks is to find somewhere to live. This is a reasonably straightforward process with a wide range of choices that match a range of budgets, but it is important to understand the range of options.

The first decision is going to be where to live. This will be determined by where you are going to work, if you have children and where they go to school, and your need for access to public transport, especially the BTS skytrain.

The most popular expatriate residential area is Sukhumvit Road between sois 1 and 63 (odd-numbered sois on the north side and sois 2 to 42 on the south side). This is followed by the Lumpini area between Ratchadamri and Soi Ruam Rudi, and the streets off Sathon Road north of the Narathiwat Ratchanakarin intersection.

There are a few suburban locations favoured by some expatriate families because of proximity to schools. These include Nitchada Thani next to the International school of Bangkok (ISB), and some developments near Bangkok Patana school on Soi La Salle in the eastern part of Bangkok.

Most expatriates coming to Bangkok will choose to rent rather than purchase. There is a wide choice of accommodation types for rent including serviced and unserviced apartments, condominiums, single detached houses and townhouses.

Serviced Apartments are single-ownership buildings that provide units for rent that are fully furnished and equipped with all the appliances, cutlery, crockery, linen and amenities one would need. Effectively you can move in with just your toothbrush. Most serviced apartments provide a regular cleaning service, so it feels like living in a hotel except you have more space and a kitchen. The most common unit types are studios and one-bedroom apartments with a range of sizes.

Tenants can rent serviced apartments on a monthly basis or for longer periods. These are ideal for expatriates on short-term assignments or for singles or couples who want the convenience of everything being provided and the service. The rents per square metre are higher than for other types of rental accommodation with a range of between 700 and 1,200 baht per square metre per month.

Apartments are single-ownership multi-unit buildings and condominiums are multi-ownership multi-unit buildings where units have been bought by individual owners. Physically there is little difference between apartments and condominiums. Generally, both are offered on a furnished basis with major appliances but without linen, cutlery, crockery and so on. Most condominiums and apartments have facilities such as swimming pools.

The main difference is in the way these buildings are managed. In an apartment building, one company owns all of the units and is responsible for maintenance and repairs inside the unit and the common areas. In a condominium, the property managers of the building are only responsible for the management of the common areas and the individual owner is responsible for maintenance and repairs inside the unit.

The length of a residential lease is generally one year with the tenant paying a deposit the equivalent to three months’ rent and paying rent monthly in advance. Tenants are responsible for paying utilities such as electricity, water, telephone, internet and cable TV, except for serviced apartments where generally they are included in the cost.

Contracts are generally short and straightforward. However, it is important that anything agreed orally between the landlord and the tenant should be included in writing in the agreement to avoid any future misunderstandings.

It is also important to have a proper handover where any existing defects are listed and agreed upon in writing by the landlord and tenant. This way, when it comes to handing the unit back at the end of the lease, there is no confusion about who was responsible for any damage, which could result in deductions from the deposit.

CR: Bangkok Post, 28 July 2013 by James Pitchon


☆ 5 Things To Do in Bangkok on the 4th of July ☆

Even though you are in Bangkok, you can still celebrate the Independence Day whether the traditional ways or the extremely creative ways! Here's the list of 5 events / activities in Bangkok for the Fourth of July:

1. Get your ticket ready for the AMCHAM Independence Day Picnic 2013

This year's July Picnic will be held at KIS International School on Saturday, July 6th from 12.00 noon - 8.00 pm. The Independence Day Committee has a great day planned with lots of American food and drink, music and activities, and a chili-cook-off. 

Tickets baht 200 (advance) or baht 300 (door). Children under 12 free! Advance tickets will be available at AMCHAM or major AMCHAM events.

For further details contact Kittie at 02-254-1041 Ext. 226 or kittie@amchamthailand.com

* Don’t forget to join the Charity Raffle, you may win a 2 nights stay in a Platinum Suite (72 sqm) with buffet breakfast for 2 at Bliston Suwan Park View or many more great prizes!

2.  Visit the “Taste of USA” food festival 2013 at Central Food Hall on the 7th floor of Central World. 

The Taste of USA - A Rockin’ Food Parade is an annual event, this year, more than 3,000 farming products from USA will also be showcased in 4 Central Food Halls and 30 Tops Supermarkets in Bangkok. The food fair is happening now until 23 July 2013.

3. Celebrating America's 237th birthday with the Family BBQ Cookout at Angel City Diner, Sukhumvit Soi 11 

Starting at 4pm, the BBQ will be fired up all day. With tons of great priced BBQ items, a free salad buffet with any BBQ order and 2 for 1 Bourbon cocktails, live music and lots more. 

For reservation: please call 02 651 3313 or visit www.angelcitydiner.com

4. Make it an excuse for a ladies night out @ Gossip Bar, Thonglor

Gossip Bar is preparing an incredible American buffet with proper New York style hot dogs, mini burgers, pork ribs, chicken wings, onion rings, crab cakes, pork cakes, coleslaw, fries and cupcakes!

Since the Fourth of July also coincides with Gossip Bar's weekly Gossip Girls ladies night, ALL LADIES will enjoy BUY 1 GET 1 FREE on cocktails and selected drinks while DJ MARKUS will be spinning some cool Funk, Soul, and Jazzy Hip-Hop tunes.

For reservation: please call +66 (0)2 185 3093 or email reservation@gossip-bangkok.com.

5. Help the blind people by joining the Six Degrees Party @ Muse, Thong Lor Soi 10

How you can help? Simply take a photo of yourself with the Six Degrees Party ticket and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #lightupthehope and #sixdegreesparty

1 photo = 10 Baht to support the Light Up the Hope campaign, all the money from this campaign will be donated to the Foundation for the blind in Thailand under the patronage of H.M. the Queen.

In this party, you can enjoy Beer Buffet and live music from Mild and Rooftop bands including awesome musics from DJ Zaragift and DJ Bestsuay.

Ticket: Presale 499 Baht, Infront 599 Baht

Reservation: 0849114455 

Dress Code: WHITE 

cr: MCOT, Allevents.in/Bangkok, Google


☂ Bangkok: Come Rain Come Shine ☂

June – October is the rainy season in Thailand, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your holiday in Bangkok during this time. In the sunshine days, as you know, Bangkok offers lot of outdoor activities for you to do ea. visiting Grand Palace, Temples, or Parks. When it comes to rain, there are also plenty of indoor options available in Bangkok. Here are some ideas…

☂ Explore the Young Museum in the Old City at Museum Siam 

While the Museum of Siam is set inside a very large neoclassical house, it is definitely not the usual display of historical artifacts and dusty mannequins you would expect to find in such an antique building.
From the reception area, wooden stairs, ceramic tiles and old-fashioned columns contrast with resolutely modern art and advanced technology. Everywhere you look, the two elements blend with great harmony as designers use every possible way to challenge the traditional expectations you might have of a museum.

Location: Phra Nakorn District, Rattanakosin Island, south of Wat Pho
Opening Hours: 10.00 - 18.00 (Tuesday to Sunday)
Website: www.museumsiam.org

☂ Learn More About Bangkok History by the Multi-Media Animation Technologies at Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall 

The buildings along the Ratcha Damnoen Avenue are parts of Bangkok's architectural landscape and history.  These blocks were built along with the construction of Ratcha Damnoen Avenue leading from the Dusit Royal Palace to the Grand Palace (began in 1899).

The renovation of the building and its interior decoration work began in 2008. On 9 March 2010, the exhibition was officially launched.  It invites the public to learn, appreciate and take pride in Thailand's artistic and cultural legacies of the Rattanakosin Era. The building has 4,800 square metres of floor space.  Advanced technologies - such as presentation devices, models, four-dimensional multi-media technique, multi-touch and multi-media animation technologies- are used in presenting the exhibitions about Rattanakosin City through interactive self-learning devices. The building also has a library, a souvenir shop and a coffee shop.

Location: 100 Ratcha Damnoen Klang Avenue, Bawonniwet Sub-District, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200 
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (Close on Mondays) 10.00 am - 19.00 pm.
Website: www.nitasrattanakosin.com/home

☂ Get a Dose of Culture at Bangkok Art & Cultural Centre 

“BACC visualizes itself as a centre of cultural diversity for a sustainable social development.”
The Art and Cultural Centre is the hub of Bangkok’s burgeoning art scene and offers the widest range of contemporary art, design, music, theatre and film in the city. Located only a few minutes walk National Stadium BTS it hosts a number of changing exhibitions from both Thai and International artists.

Location: BACC is located at Pathumwan Intersection, facing the MBK and Siam Discovery Centres.
Opening Hours: 10 a.m. - 9 p.m. (closed Mondays) (Office hours: 9.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.)
Website: www.bacc.or.th

☂ Go Underwater Without Getting Wet at Siam Ocean World 

In the basement of Siam Paragon shopping mall you will find the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia, with plenty of creatures to check out, from scary sharks to jumping jellyfish. Take a ride on the glass-bottomed boat or discover the plants and wildlife from the rainforest, including spiders and snakes. A trip to Siam Ocean World can be combined with a visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in nearby Siam Discovery Mall, and these two tickets can be bought together at the counter to offer great savings.

Location: Basement floor, Siam Paragon, Siam (Take Exit 5 from the BTS Siam Station, which provides direct access to Siam Paragon)
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 21:00 daily
Website: www.siamoceanworld.co.th

☂ Step Back in Time, Visit Old School Bangkok Cinema 

“Watch a movie? That’s not creative!” You may well be thinking, but Scala Cinema in Siam Square is a throwback to the golden days: It only has one screen but the ornate domed-ceiling, giant chandelier and art-deco decoration will delight visitors as much as the discount 100 baht ticket price. Thankfully, not everything has been frozen in time with all the latest audio and visual technology installed to show a mixture of the latest Hollywood releases as well as more art-house flicks from Thailand, Europe and beyond.

Ticket Fee: 100 Baht
Location: Scala Theatre, Siam Square Soi 1, Rama Rd.
Website: www.apexsiam-square.com/home.asp

Ref: www.bangkok.com, Pantip.com, Google


Top 25 Best Destinations in The World - by TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor as know as one of the top review websites. It recently announced the poll for Travelers'Choice 2013: Top 25 Destinations in The World. This poll voted by travelers from all around the world. In this ranking, 2 destinations in Thailand has been listed! Can you guess, where would it be?

1. Paris, France

Everyone who visits Paris for the first time probably has the same punchlist of major attractions to hit: The Louvre, Notre Dame, The Eiffel Tower, etc. Just make sure you leave some time to wander the city’s grand boulevards and eat in as many cafes, bistros and brasseries as possible. And don’t forget the shopping—whether your tastes run to Louis Vuitton or Les Puces (the flea market), you can find it here.

2. New York City, New York
Conquering New York in one visit is impossible. Instead, hit the must-sees – the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art – and then explore off the beaten path with visits to The Cloisters or one of the city’s libraries. Indulge in the bohemian shops of the West Village or the fine dining of the Upper West Side. The bustling marketplace inside of Grand Central Station gives you a literal taste of the best the city has to offer.

3. London, United Kingdom

The crown jewels, Buckingham Palace, Camden Market… In London, history collides with art, fashion, food, and good British ale. A perfect day is different for everyone: culture hounds should hit the Tate Modern and the Royal Opera House. Clotheshorses will drool over Oxford Street shops. For foodies, cream tea at Harrod’s or crispy fish from a proper chippy offers classic London flavor. Music and book buffs will freak out over Abbey Road and the Sherlock Holmes Museum (at 221B Baker Street, natch).

4. Rome, Italy
5. Barcelona, Spain
6. Venice, Italy
7. San Francisco, California
8. Florence, Italy
9. Prague, Czech Republic
10. Sydney, Australia
11. Berlin, Germany
12. Istanbul, Turkey

HERE WE GO... Thailand!

13. Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok is full of exquisitely decorated Buddhist temples—as you go from one to the next you’ll be continually blown away by the craftsmanship and elaborate details. But if you’d rather seek enlightenment in a gourmet meal, or dance the night away, you’ll also enjoy Bangkok—the restaurant and nightclub scenes here are among the best in the world.

14. Chicago, Illinois
15. Tokyo, Japan
16. Cape Town Central, South Africa
17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
18. Buenos Aires, Argentina
19. Marrakech, Morocco
20. St. Petersburg, Russia
21. Beijing, China
22. Shanghai, China
23. Siem Reap, Cambodia

24. Chiang Mai, Thailand

You could spend your whole Chiang Mai vacation exploring the famous Night Bazaar. Once you’ve exhausted the art of the cheerful haggle, however, there’s plenty more to explore. The National Museum and Botanic Garden are great places to soak up some local culture and to breathe in the delicate fragrance of Thai orchids. In the city’s center, the remains of ancient walls embrace over 30 temples. Limber travelers can climb 300 stairs to Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, an ornate Buddhist temple in the hills.

25. Queenstown, New Zealand

See the full list Click! here 


Bangkok for Free!?

Any metropolitan city around the world can be expensive for tourists and expats. But, if you are in the know, there are plenty of places and things that you can enjoy for free in Bangkok...

The following are some ideas of what you can do for free in Bangkok:

1. Visit a Museum: Many of the smaller museums around Bangkok don’t charge for entry, even the big museums have special free days.

2. Watch a Movie: Although you have to buy tickets for regular movies, every now and then there are international film festivals where all tickets are free. There are also outdoor free movies at temple fairs.

3. Visit a Temple: Most of the big temples around Bangkok charge admission fees for foreign tourists, but if you go early, you can mingle with local devotees before the admission office opens. There are also quite a few impressive temples that don’t charge an admission.

4. Take in a Bird’s Eye View of Bangkok: You have to pay a lot to go to the top of Baiyoke Tower in Bangkok. But you can get free views from the top of The Golden Mount.

5. Relax in Bangkok’s Parks: All of Bangkok’s parks are free for you to releax or stroll around. Many people also use the parks to exercise such as running or cycling. Some even have free exercise machines for you to use.

6. Watch a Muay Thai Match: It’s normally very expensive for foreigners to watch a Thai boxing match in Bangkok, but the Channel 7 Stadium opposite Chatuchak Market has free matches on Suday afternoons.

7. Ride a Boat on the Chao Phraya River: It can be very expensive to rent long-tailed boats but you can actually go up and down the river for free on hotel shuttle boats. These are really for hotel guests but no-one knows if you are visiting a restaurant at the hotel. Most go from Saphan Taksin Pier.

8. Attend an Art Exhibition: There are many art galleries around Bangkok, but the best free one is the Bangkok Art and Culture Center. As well as regular exhibitions, they also sometimes show free movies.

9. Watch Thai Dancing: If you cannot afford to go to a performance at the national theatre, you can watch Thai dancing at many shrines where devotees pay for the dancing as a way of making merit. Best place to see this is at the Erawan Shrine.

10. Join an Aerobics Class: At 6 p.m. every day, you can join free aerobic classes. These often take place in parking lots of big hypermarkets like Big C and Tesco Lotus as well as at some of the parks like Lumpini Park.

*For more information on free things in Bangkok, visit http://www.bangkok4free.com/ 


Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in Bangkok, Why not?

Saint Patrick's Day or the Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, "the Day of the Festival of Patrick") is a cultural and religious holiday celebrated on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick, the most commonly recognised of the patron saints of Ireland.

The day generally involves public parades and festivals, céilithe, and wearing of green attire or shamrocks. Christians also attend church services and the Lenten restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are lifted for the day.

Where Can I Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Bangkok?

If you are in Bangkok on Saint Patrick's Day, even if you are not an Irish - the most popular way to celebrate is to head to one of the Irish pubs and just enjoy the feast together with the Irish, Thais, expats and travelers from around the world!

There is a good number of Irish pubs in Bangkok, and we've put together a list of what we consider to be the most famous Irish pubs in Bangkok. 

O’Reillys Irish Pub (Silom Road)

O'Reilly's is one of the first Irish pubs in Bangkok and is located on Silom road right at the foot of the steps leading up to Saladaeng BTS skytrain station so getting there is really simple.

O'Reilly's is one of those pubs that has a constant atmosphere as it is in a good location for tourists and business people alike and you will find a mix of westerners and Thais.

O’Reillys Irish Pub
62/1-4 Silom Road Bangrak, Bangkok
Tel. 02-632-7515 to19

Molly Malone's Irish Pub (Soi Convent)

Molly Malone's Irish pub in Bangkok used to be known as The Irish Exchange but underwent a make over and a change of ownership and re-emerged as Molley Malone's.

There is seating upstairs and downstairs and there is the usual Guinness and Kilkenny on draught as well as a number of other draught and bottled beers.

Getting to Molly Malone's should be easy enough as it is very close to Saladaeng BTS skytrain station and not a far walk from Silom's MRT subway station.

Molly Malone's Irish Pub
1/5-6 Soi Convent Silom,
Bangrak Bangkok 10500
Tel. 02 266 7160-1

The Dubliner Irish Pub (Sukhumvit Road)

The Dubliner Irish Pub in Bangkok is located on Sukhumvit road, around soi 22 close to Washington Square. The nearest Skytrain or Underground station is Asoke / Sukhumvit

The decor of The Dubliner is similar to all the other Irish themed bars in Bangkok - mainly wooden - but we like the layout of The Dubliner because it's more pub like and less clinical than some of the others.

If your other half likes shopping, send them to The Emporium just down the road and you can sit back with a drink and wait for them to come back.

The Dubliner Irish Pub
21 Sukhumvit Soi 33/1, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
Tel. 02-204-1841

Flann O'Brien's Irish Pub (Asiatique The Riverfront)

Flann O'Brien's is quite new compare to other Irish pubs in Bangkok, but as it is located in the newest landmark of Bangkok, Asiatique The Riverfront – there are a lot of things to do in the area.

The theme of the Flann O'Brien's Irish Pub and the Asiatique is retro style, you will feel like going back in time and sitting in the old harbor of Bangkok.

Flann O'Brien's Irish Pub
Asiatique The Riverfront
Tel. 02 108 4005

Robin Hood Bar (Sukhumvit Road)

Robin Hood Irish Pub in Bangkok is opposite The Emporium Department store. To get to Robin Hood, just get off at Phrom Phong BTS Syktrain station and exit gate 5 and Robin Hood will be right there.

Robin Hood Bar
597-597/1-3 P.B Building, Sukhumvit 33/1, Sukhumvit Road
Klongtan Nua, Wattana Bangkok 10110
Tel: +66 2 662 3390

Have a Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

cr: Wikipedia, thebangkokshoppingguide.com