A Bliston Experience

“Blissful living perfectly encapsulates the experience of a night in Bliston…”

How do I get to Bliston Suwan Park View? Luckily, I didn’t have to wonder, nor wander, too long. Being in the heart of the city , most everyone knows Central Chidlom along Ploenchit Road. The popular shopping complex makes an idea landmark for getting to Bliston as the soi the serviced apartment complex is in – the lushly tree – lined Soi Tonson – is conveniently right across from it. If I didn’t drive, taking the BTS would’ve been fine as I notice the Chidlom Skytrain station is but a 3 – minute walk away.
What a great location, I thought to myself. Nearby are Central World, Gaysorn, Siam Paragon and other plazas and sites all accessible from the Chidlom Skywalk. And come to think of it, with the convenience of the nearby Skytrain station, essential places of Sukhumvit Road are but a BTS ride away.
Upon entering the premises of Bliston Suwan Park View, also referred to as Bliston Residence, I took note of the CCTV surveillance and 24-hour security. The security guards on duty are thorough but courteous in doing their jobs. After making the necessary inquiries, the guards direct me to the parking lot where I immediately found a parking spot. I noticed a convenience store adjacent to the lobby entrance and made a mental note to get some suppliers here for later.
The reception is beautifully lit, and immediately, concierges greet me, smiling and inquiring how they could be of service. I couldn’t help notice a dimly lit yet luminescent restaurant directly across the reception counter.
I mention my trial residency to the attractive receptionists, that prior arrangement for my journalistic endeavor had already been made, and within moments, I was given a keycard and let to my appointed suite. The elevator service itself is an exercise in security, you can’t expect the lift to take you to your designated floor without inserting your keycard in a slot below the floor number. I guess they do really prioritize privacy here – not that I mind as it’s comforting to know and not at all a hindrance.
In the lift, I read a notice concerning the Suwan Golf & Country Club, an affiliate of Bliston Residence. The world – class country club is exclusive to the Bangkok metropolitan area and feature an 18 – hole championship golf course. With their spacious meeting room and business center, I’m aware that Bliston Residence caters to executives in town for long – stay and short – stay business. What’s nice is Bliston has taken into account the face that executives oftentimes spend as many hours on golf courses as in boardrooms. Suwan Golf also offers limousine service to – and – from Bliston and the country club.
Upon reaching my suite’s floor, I paced the halls briefly, looking around. It’s clean and quiet, and given that the complex houses 152 apartment units ranging one – to two – and three bedroom layouts, it was nice to see that the hallways are spacious as well. I found my room, opened the door with my keycard and stepped in. I had heard of these apartments’ stylishly decorated and designed interiors and was happy to see the good word-of-mouth was spot on upon entering.

What I like is that the rooms of Bliston tastefully balanced modernity and classic elegance. The attributes of modernity are evident in the linear patterns of the furnishings and minimalist color tones, such as that of the dark mahogany TV shelf or the living room coffee table. The vibrant shades of textiles and linen keep the room from looking cold. Warmth is exuded from the beige curtains, the brightly colored and artfully patterned carpeting, and plush bedding sets. Strategically placed floral d├ęcor, Oriental – style ornaments and even classy dishware and kitchen utensils are details that up the elegance.
The three – bedroom 233 square-meter premier suite facilitates a spacious living area, well – equipped kitchen, and homey yet stylish bedrooms. All throughout, multi – split air conditioning provides cool air and an ambiance of freshness. The master bedroom houses a king-size bed, has ample closet space and its own bathroom, but whether one-bedroom or more, all of Bliston’s suite attain the essentials.
The study area makes a comfortable working space, with a work table with built – in compartments for practical storage and even an in – room electronic safe. The living room boasts a Home Entertainment System, a chic flat – screen TV (featuring a multitude of cable channels) and a spacious L-shaped sofa armed with soft pillows to enjoy being a couch potato on.
For long - stay residency, the fully equipped kitchen would indeed come handy, equipped with a refrigerator, cooker hob and hood, microwave oven, toaster, electric kettle, and rice cooker, not to mention glassware and the aforementioned utensils. There’s even a washing and drying machine, and other amenities and handy items include alarm clocks, a hairdryer, stream iron and ironing boards, and towels and toiletries.
Before completely retiring to my room, I headed back down to the in – house convenience store I noted earlier. I didn’t really need any essentials, so opted for some snacks and refreshments instead. I also took the opportunity to explore the building. I peaked into the children’s playground and visited the gymnasium and aerobic area where a few Bliston regulars were sweating their calories away.
Adjacent to the fitness center is Bliston’s swimming pool, and by the time I stumbled upon it, it was already night and beautifully lit, growing even. In addition to steam and sauna rooms, Bliston Residence also houses an onsite day spa. Available facilities are a factor that can make or break the success of a serviced apartment, but each footstep I took only assured me that Bliston and its residents have nothing to worry about.
Upon returning to my room, I decided to try out room service and ordered dinner from the restaurant. Their menu is extensive, so I tried out some Thai dishes and some steak and pasta. After a hearty meal, I decided to lounge, occasionally getting up to pick up a book or a drink.
Downtown Bangkok is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing part of the city, so the view from my suite beheld nothing but pleasing sights, from the verdant tree tops of a nearby park to the majestic architecture of neighboring buildings. When I started dozing off, I tucked myself into bed and practically sunk into its comfort and coziness. Needless to say, I slept like a baby…
I awoke the next day refreshed. The room was sufficiently cool, not freezing, and the beige curtains brought in enough light to arouse me from my sleep without being too glaring. I smiled. I enjoyed the experience and my surveying. Blissful living perfectly encapsulates the experience of a night in Bliston Residence. I felt rested, but I was slightly disappointed… only because I knew it was time to leave. If only I could live like this, everyday…
Credit by: Apartment Living Magazine
Property Watch by: Michael Sawatsewi

Building Name: Bliston Suwan Park View
Company Name: Suwan Residence Suite Co., Ltd
Address: No. 9 Soi Tonson, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: 662 658 7979 Fax: 662 658 7999
Website: http://www.blistonresidence.com/
E-mail: reservation@blistonresidence.com


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