Living in Bliss

Bliston Suwan Park View aims to make everyday a special day at this outstanding residence.

If prime location in the heart of the city, world class amenities, exclusive privacy, and warm hospitality is the description of an ideal home. Today these can all be found in the description of Bliston Suwan Park View.

The residence is conveniently located only a few hundred meters away from the main road across from Central Chidlom. This provides guests easy access to the BTS or other public transport at any time of the day. In addition the facilities, rooms, and environment are maintained at a world class level.

“We’re new so we try harder,” joked Kijja Laowsuwan, Residence Manager.

However, most expats would prefer international names that they are familiar with from home. But Kijja explained that international chains tend to be rigid in their management of the residence. In a way he views that this makes many of his competitors similar just because they fit into the model of chain operations. This opens many new opportunities to develop Bliston as a different sort of residence that can combine the strength of world class standard amenities and operations with warm Thai hospitality.

“If the chain requires you to greet the guests with “good morning” that is what you do. But I think that it is unnatural in Thailand when our warm welcome “sawasdee” should be just as good,” he said.

When most expats are looking for a “home” five month old Bliston is a new name competing in a crowded market. But being “new” does not mean that the management is inexperienced. Quite on the contrary the management has had five years managing the residence and has meticulously planned the birth of the new project even right down to the name.

“The board thought that it is important to bring happiness to our guests. Therefore, it became the heart of our concept which led us to think of the word “blissful”. We then combined it with the location “Tonson”, to get our present name,” explained Kijja.

The idea of happiness is brought into the entire operation of the residence. This is developed through the idea of giving the guests a “pleasant surprise”. Often the result is the compliment that Bliston is indeed a “home away from home”.

“Most expats are here to work. They have to deal with changes in the culture, workplace, and people. What we do at Bliston is to give them one less thing to worry about –their home,” said Kijja.

One of the stories he recounts is of a UK resident who received a surprise birthday cake. This is a reflection of the care that the staff have for their “guests”.

“Here we work as a team. The staff members from all units give us information about the guests which serves as valuable clues on how to give them a “pleasant experience” at Bliston. Many of these “surprises” are not big on price value but they do definitely make a good impression on those who need to work away from home,” he explained.

As the residence manager who has been working on this project from the start, Kijja is confident of the current residence as well as of the future prospects built on the strength of the Suwan group which owns the project.

“We are looking forward to combine the location of our other service projects such as the Suwan Golf Course in Nakorn Chaisri. In the future when we integrate our services our guests will not only receive the best “home” they will also be served with great activities,” said Kijja.

In addition Bliston Suwan Park View is planning both local and international expansions.

“We hope to expand to other prime locations in both Bangkok and major provinces like Chiang Mai. In fact I think that a few years along the line we may even go to major cities like London. That is the future but for now we are looking to focus our efforts to make Bliston the jewel in the crown of our property business,” concluded Kijja.

Credit by: Thailand Tatler Magazine


Company Name: Suwan Residence Suite Co., Ltd
Address: No. 9 Soi Tonson, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: 662 658 7979 Fax: 662 658 7999
E-mail: reservation@blistonresidence.com


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