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Globalization is spearheading the surge of executive expat travellers, with many heading eastwards. From Beijing to Bangkok, the expatriate community continues to multiply rapidly. A recent GMAC Global Relocation Trends Survey indicated a 68% increase in expatriate population in 2008. As the type of accommodation play an essential role in the successful outcome of the long stay, where do these expats call ‘home’ during their overseas stint?

Bangkok has seen exponential growth in the serviced apartment industry with major players like Frasers, Marriott, Accor, Oakwood and Ascott accounting for higher offerings. Certainly, the allure of a home-away-from-home environment, aside from more space and privacy, is what draws expats away from hotels to serviced apartments. Expats have commented that they enjoy better service, less intrusion into their privacy and much needed space and home amenities with this choice of abode. Also, popular serviced apartments in Bangkok are also mostly sited nearby a BTS skytrain station or a MRT station. Location is a major determining point when deciding on the abode of choice in the city notorious for its congested roads.

Life’s a Bliss
Formerly managed by the Ascott group under the Somerset brand, the 152-room Bliston Suwan Park View is blessed with all the qualities registered on the wish list of expats. My recent stay there revealed that a quiet, tranquil home can lie so conveniently close to a skytrain station along a major traffic way. At Soi Tonson (off Ploenchit Road), where Bliston is sited, you get the best of a serene tree-lined street, shopping convenience with Central Chidlom and Tops supermarket just across the road, and commuting convenience with the Chidlom BTS Station just a 5-minute walk away.

From my 12th floor suite I delighted in the unobstructed vista of the surrounds, a rare privilege in the part of town where most buildings are lined in such close proximity and your only views are those of the neighboring residences. Central Chidlom stood out in the line of vision beckoning a visit to its brand of merchandise and eateries. I perused the bustle of the streets below with busy commuters on the road and skytrain plus those stopping by the street side stores for their daily dose of local delicacies. The sight of hawkers on the same street with the elegant skyline of modern skyscrapers and apartments is certainly a meeting of tradition with trend.

Subtlety reigns in Bliston from the uncomplicated car park that enables ease of access from automobile to apartment, the unhyped yet elegant lobby that does not draw formalities and the unassuming luxury afforded in all the rooms. This is where good service is unobtrusive but avails whenever the need arises.

Maintaining the same professional standards of the Ascott Group that previously managed the property under Sommerset Suwan Park View, Kijja Laowsuwan, who is at the helm of Bliston, is not only ensuring that the same level of luxury and service continues but taking a step further to elevate the lifestyle several notches up. He has in place a comprehensive upgrading programme that begins with the refurbishment of the suites. “We have completed the first stage of a major redevelopment of the suites, converting them from a more traditional d├ęcor to a mix of modernism with classical overtones,” Kijja remarked. From my observation during my stay at Bliston, Kijja has certainly succeeded in his objectives.

There are no studios in Bliston and accommodation ranges from 1-bedroom units to 3-bedroom suites. The newly renovated suites certainly afford a lifestyle of excellence with the clever use of space and attention to detail furbishing that places cozy living at the top of the makeover blueprint. Luxurious comfort, modern convenience, blissful lifestyle and congenial living are the focal points of Bliston. Flat screen TVs that are mounted flushed to the wood paneled wall cabinets add poise to the ever-endearing charms of wooden flooring in dark brown shades that mesh well with the muted tones of the wall and flooring. The interior is enlivened with vivacious furnishings with the vibrant hues of the carpet and the vivid colors of silk cushions from Jim Thompson invigorating the ambience. Skillful cabinetry that helps to avail more living space is brilliantly architected to display cupboards that appear to align with the wall.

The Bliston kitchen is a full-fledged kitchen that comes with a generously sized counter, cooker, microwave oven, toaster and a medium size fridge. Complete cutlery sets, cooking utensils, plates and full range of cups and glasses to quench every thirst provide for the differing culinary and beverage preferences of guests. Wine glasses are standard provisions as well. A tasteful dining table with matching dining chairs, sited near the kitchen counter and the main door, will probably be the most convenient and used furniture in the suite – providing for meals, tea breaks and temporary holding zone for groceries, shopping bags and laptop cases.

Washing is made easy saving time, effort and money with the technology advanced washer and separate dryer provided. For those who prefer to do their own ironing, an ironing board and iron are also provided.

In today’s face-paced society work is never done and Bliston, mindful of this, provides a sleek looking study table that is practically designed with effective ergonomics in space, comfort and lighting. And, to meet the demands of modern living, broadband Internet is instantly accessible. A study lamp, electric sockets and a number of drawers for convenient storing completes the functionality of a home work space.

Home recreation and relaxation is accentuated by the plush settees privileging guests with both comfort as well as communion - comfort that luxuriates lounging or watching your favorite movie, and communion with your loved ones or friends facilitated in the most relaxing environment.

Mirrors are used in the interiors forming half of the wall space used. Aside from the aesthetically spacious and pleasing accents created they are practical for those who need, or desire, to be properly groomed before leaving for work or for an appointment. Perhaps, or surely, something the fairer sex will delight in.

The lighting is designed to provide a pleasing selection of ambient setting to the occasion or mood – bright when you need to pore over a book or project and muted for a romantic evening or chilling out on the settee.
Modern creature comforts extend to the bathroom where a rain-shower, quality amenities and elegant sanitary ware provide the rejuvenation in the most sacred area of the apartment. There are three switches in the bathroom affording different light play.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Bliston’s recreation comes in the form of the podium pool, steam and sauna rooms, well-equipped fitness centre, day spa with full massage services and children’s playground.

Dining is catered for at the restaurant on the lobby floor but Bliston is located just a street away from the dining enclave of Lang Suan where superb dining and wining or just enjoying a cupper avails. An assortment of dining options also avails at Central Chidlom, from the popular Loft Food Court to delightful eateries and restaurants sited in the shopping centre.

Bliston has certainly all the attributes that expats want – spacious apartments, superb location, serenity, well-appointed rooms with great facilities and amenities and a place that they can truly call home.

Credit by: Expat Weekend Magazine
Article by: Mr. Joseph Lim
Building Name: Bliston Suwan Park View
Company Name: Suwan Residence Suite Co., Ltd
Address: No. 9 Soi Tonson, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Tel: 662 658 7979 Fax: 662 658 7999
Website: http://www.blistonresidence.com/
E-mail: reservation@blistonresidence.com


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